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It's easy to forget that your roof needs some repairs when it hardly rains! However, it will rain again just as surely as the sun will rise in the morning. And if that rain gets inside your building, it might just do a little more damage. So the best time to fix your roof is when it's not actually raining! As usual we have been busy with all kinds of roof replacements and repairs around the Inner West and further afield, too. We still have a little room in our schedule to fit in some more work before Christmas, but we are taking bookings into December now, so if you are hoping to get some work done to your roof before then, please let us know as soon as possible. We have featured just a few of our recent projects in some photos below, along with some other recent reviews we received. Thank you for reading. My wife and I have just had a new Colorbond roof installed by All Roofing Services. From the initial quote to final installation they were professional and very easy to deal with, both on site and through the office. As we had to remove solar panels we had some delays, caused by the solar contractors, however Ben, Julian, Jo-Anne and the team couldn't have been more helpful. Their flexibility, fitting in with the solar contractor delays, made an otherwise stressful situation much less so. We readily recommend All Roofing Services for their professionalism, expertise, reliability, competitive pricing and work ethic. P.C. Stanmore Thank you again, Jo-Anne for your help, not forgetting Julian and his [...]

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In three words: Time and Storms... All Roofing Services has been successfully operating since 2009 and we have completed literally thousands of roof repairs and replacements in the past 14 years. In that time we have had some seriously challenging weather conditions, from prolonged rain periods (such as the whole of 2022) and some intense east coast lows that can really test the best roofs! These conditions do interesting things to the roof repair and replacement market in general. Firstly, it does create a lot of demand as weak, old or faulty areas of your roof get found out, which of course results in calls to your "go-to roofer" or whomever you can get out if they are too busy. The "whomever you can get" is a bit pot luck though, as there's a fair chance that if they are not flat-out busy during these periods, that is for good reason. They are either new to the game or they do not do good-quality work and so have little business. After Covid lockdowns and during the extremely wet year last year, I noticed more and more roofing contractors popping up to meet a very high demand. Many roofers felt the timing was right to go out on their own and do their own business, and many have done well, but the real test is yet to come for not only them, but also the consumers that have used the new contractor in town, unfortunately. The dry year we are having now is making things competitive again and market conditions are back to more of a "normal" (whatever that is). The [...]

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Value is not just determined by the price. One could buy a cheap drill, which may seem like good value, but if it stopped working suddenly for no good reason, how much value is that tool? It has zero value at that time. Roofing is really the same, but perhaps a little more complex as there are quite a few variables that make up the value of one contractor verses another. The things that need to be considered include: Scope and detail of the quote Reviews/referrals/testimonials Experience and skill Attitude, trustworthiness, communication and friendliness. Does the contractor hold the correct license(s), insurances and does their ABN match their name? The relative importance of these things varies from person to person, so what makes a thing good value in the end comes down to one's own judgement. However, there are a couple of items above that may mean the quote you have received effectively has no value. For example, the contractor is unlicensed, or the quote is very brief and does not give sufficient detail = no value. If one was to proceed with a "cheap" quote, it might work most of the time, but like the cheap drill, if it fails when you really need it, what value does it have? And what good is the warranty? Do you really want another cheap and unreliable drill or a roof that might leak again? I don't think so. Any product or service that doesn't work when you really need it too, has a very low value. You'll find good tradesmen will spend money on good tools for this very reason. You can't even [...]

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8 Important Points to Consider Before Replacing Your Roof in Sydney

Replacing your roof can be a significant investment, so it's important to choose the right roofing company for the job. Here are 8 important points to consider before replacing your roof. 1. Check the company's Licences and ABN: Before selecting a roofing company, make sure they hold the correct licence for the job and have a valid ABN that matches the company providing the quote. 2. Ensure the company has the correct Insurances: Verify that the roofing company has current Workers Compensation and Public Liability insurance. If the work is residential and over $20k, the contractor must also provide a certificate of Home Building Compensation Fund Insurance before commencing the work. 3. Consider the company's experience: Find out how long the roofing company has been in business and how experienced their employees are. A company with many years of experience is more likely to deliver a quality job. 4. Ask about employees and subcontractors: Ask if the roofing company has employees or if they use subcontractors. If they use subcontractors, make sure they have the appropriate insurance and licenses as well. 5. Check the warranty: Look into the warranty offered by the roofing company. Ensure that it covers both the materials and the installation, and that it lasts for an adequate period. 6. Read reviews: Look for reviews from previous clients online. Check their website and social media profiles to see what people are saying about the company. 7. Review the quote in detail: Make sure that the quote is detailed and lists all the work that will be done. The more detail provided, the less likely there will be [...]

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Roof maintenance often gets put off until it is to late which is never a good idea. It may seem like a massive chore but, it will mean you avoid potentially disastrous consequences that could occur if you leave your roof untended. A leaking roof can cause expensive damage to the contents of your home and, if you can’t demonstrate that you have been looking after your roof, it could potentially effect your content insurance. 6 TIPS FOR ASSESSING YOUR ROOF 1. CHECK FOR SIGNS OF DAMAGE AND WEAR Initially, you can do a quick inspection of your roof from the ground. The following are common signs that your roof needs repairing: If you have tiles, check for missing, broken or cracked tiles Metal roofs are generally more robust than other types, but it is worth checking for any signs of rust or damage.  2. HAVE YOUR ROOF INSPECTED REGULARLY Getting your roof regularly inspected by professional roofing experts takes out any uncertainty about the state of your roof, and whether it needs repairing or replacing. 3. CHECK THE PAPERWORK Your current roof should have a warranty. Check when this warranty runs out and after this time, make sure you have your roof inspected regularly for any signs of damage or irreparable wear.  4. CONSIDER CLIMATIC EVENTS When you are considering how well your roof is faring, look back at any extreme weather events that have happened in the past, e.g. high winds, severe storms, hail, that may have compromised the integrity of the roof. 5. BUILDING INSPECTION REPORT When you purchased your property, you probably had a professional building [...]

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What are the Advantages of Using a Metal Roof?

As a homeowner, your house is a life-long investment that requires meticulous care. Homeowners are constantly tending to parts of their home that must be carefully looked after, including their yards, interior spaces and decorative features. However, many homeowners often overlook one critical aspect of their properties: their roof. Well-maintained roofs are important for keeping your home safe from external forces and protecting your family in case of severe weather conditions. If you're scheduled for a roof replacement, you have many options -- but metal roofs should rank at the top of your wishlist for several reasons. In this article, we’ll outline three key benefits of metal roofs and why you should consider installing one in your home. Keeps Your Home Cooler Throughout the Year As Australians, we know that the sun can be brutal all year round. Between the hole in the ozone layer and the scorchingly hot temperatures of summer, the sun has gotten the best of everyone at one point or another. But did you know that the sun can wear on buildings as well? It’s not often discussed, but your home (and in particular, your roof) is also susceptible to the impacts of the harsh Australian sun. Fortunately, there are several proven ways that you can minimise the sun’s effect on your roof. Installing a metal roof is the first step to limit the damage that the sun causes to your home. Metal roofs aren’t as vulnerable to heat as asphalt shingles, which absorb radiation and warp over time. As a result, asphalt causes your home to heat up quicker and retain warmth. On the other [...]

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Top Re-Roofing Considerations

The critical functions of a good roof are weather protection and maintaining energy efficiency. Beauty or curb appeal is also a substantial benefit that comes from a good, functional roof.    So, the key to protecting your family is ensuring your roof is always in proper shape. In cases where the roof has been severely damaged, a complete re-roofing may be recommended.    Having a robust and durable metal roofing matters, and therefore learn a few relevant considerations below as you think about the re-roofing project.    Improving Functionality   During harsh weather or even disasters, your roof has a significant job of protecting your family. Having a reliable and sturdy metal roofing is, therefore, absolutely critical.    Re-roofing allows you the chance to replace cracked or broken tiles. You can enhance the roof space ventilation and insulation as well.    Even though most home insurance coverage can likely cover the cost of a replacement, some items, from your health to family possessions, are irreplaceable. So, ensure you protect your family with planning for quick repairs.   Tackling Damage and Age   Breaks, cracks and an old roof are indications that you need re-roofing Sydney. Old roofs are especially at risk of developing these issues of cracks.    Other notable signs that a replacement is necessary are buckling or curling of shingles, missing or broken shingles, bare spots, damaged valleys, and flashings.   Aesthetic Considerations   Besides adding considerable value to a house, re-roofing can offer a fantastic opportunity for updating the complete look of the home. The roof takes up a vast space and thus has a significant effect [...]

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It Time for a New Roof?

While there are a few strong indications that you need a new roof (such as water leakage), you shouldn’t wait until the worst happens to explore your roof replacement options. Instead, take a proactive approach to keep your home in good condition and your family safe. Before damage occurs, you should be aware of the early warning signs that it’s time to replace or restore your roof. In this article, we’ll reveal what to look for and the steps to take if you’ve determined that you’re due for a new roof. Keep reading to learn the signs before it’s too late. Find Out When Your Current Roof Was Installed If you haven’t had the roof replaced since you’ve owned your home, look back at the previous owner’s records or contact them to find out when your existing roof was put up. If it’s been more than 20 years, contact a roofing professional to get a quote for replacing it. Most shingles last about 25 years, so it’s better to get the repair process started while you still have plenty of time. Evaluate the State of Your Roof When you look at your roof, do you see any obvious signs of wear and tear, such as buckling or cracks? While a reasonable amount of wear is to be expected, pervasive damage is typically a good indication that your roof should be inspected by a professional. Depending on the type or extent of the breakage, you may simply need to restore your roof. In more serious cases, a replacement might be in order. Your Home is Getting too Hot During Summer Asphalt [...]

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Five Benefits of Using Colorbond Steel Roofing in Australia

The selection of quality roofing material is the first step towards protecting your family from the natural environment of Australia. While there are many formidable roofing materials in use in the construction industry, not many can match up to the revolutionary Colorbond® steel roofing. Colorbond steel is quickly becoming the material of choice for several new builds and roof replacements all over the country. This article highlights some of the reasons behind the popularity of this roofing material. 1. Locally Manufactured There are several advantages of using locally manufactured materials in your construction. Colorbond Steel is a product of the Australian BlueScope Steel Company and has been in production since 1966. Using local suppliers assures you of product availability and the added reliability of having direct access to your manufacturer. Moreover, you can enjoy the privilege of supporting your local industry and building the Aussie economy. 2. Versatility Colorbond steel is a flexible yet durable material that can be fashioned into a wide variety of designs. This roofing material makes it possible to build sturdy structures with large open flowing spaces without obstructive columns. The combination of strength and adaptability to complex shapes enables contractors to construct bespoke architectural designs easily. With colorbond roofs steel, you are free to make any roof design you desire. 3. Lightweight The lightweight colorbond roofing panels are easy to transport and install. With low weight per square foot, it is easy to stack several panels in a truck for delivery to your site. 4. Eco-Friendly Colorbond roofing is environmentally friendly for several reasons. The material is 100% recyclable. Moreover, a well-installed colurbond steel roof [...]

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3 Signs You Need to Hire an Asbestos Removal Company

Most people have heard of the dangers of asbestos but aren’t quite sure what it is and if it may be affecting them. Unfortunately, asbestos exposure is more common than you’d think, and it can occur even if you’re exercising precautions. As a bit of background, asbestos is a flexible, heat-resistant mineral that was frequently used in construction materials due to its durability. Breathing in asbestos fibres can cause long-term health issues, including diseases such as mesothelioma and lung cancer. It’s essential to contact an asbestos removal company as soon as possible if you’re concerned that may have asbestos in your home. Here are three signs that your house may be contaminated with asbestos. The Year That Your Home Was Built Aside from the physical signs of asbestos in your home, the best indicator of whether or not you have asbestos depends on the period of time in which your house was built. In Australia, many homes built prior to 1990 were constructed using products containing asbestos. In 2003, the government enacted a complete ban on asbestos, including its manufacture, use, import, and sale. According to the Department of Health, if your house was built before the mid-1980s, it is highly likely to contain asbestos products. The use of asbestos is also probable if your home was built between the mid-1980s and 1990. You’ve Recently Completed Home Renovations These days, many homeowners prefer to complete repairs themselves, on their own time and budget. However, when you begin demolishing parts of an older home, you’re running the risk of exposing yourself to asbestos. Even just drilling a hole into drywall that [...]

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