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Why A Roof Inspection Is Important?

Having your roof inspected is an essential part of your overall household maintenance. It’s something which is often overlooked or ignored until there is internal damage at which point the Insurance Company will tell you that it won’t cover any roof repairs as the roof has not been regularly maintained. Organizing an inspection can save [...]

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Make Your Home Look Brand New With A Colorbond® Roof

Having a Colorbond® roof installed on your house can be a great way to upgrade it and give it a contemporary look. At the same time, you will be protecting your family within your home against the elements of the outdoors. Whether you want to give your home a new look or are preparing it [...]

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Roofing Specialists You Can Trust

Searching for a roofing contractor is no easy job; trust is vital. Particularly important when you consider the fact that you are entrusting the roofing contractor with a component that will protect the home and all people and contents in it. You also want to have a roof that will guarantee not only the safety [...]

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How Often Should I Organise A Roof Inspection?

Roof maintenance is often overlooked because, unlike the rest of your house, its main components are not quite visible. The rafters, trusses, and sheathing components of your roof are usually well tucked away, hidden behind your ceiling. Many people only inspect their roofs when there is a sign of leakage inside the house. The frequency [...]

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What Are The Best Roofing Options For Suburban Homes?

One of the original reasons people built houses was to have a dry roof over their heads. In the past, the main factor that influenced the choice of one roofing material over another was the weather and the availability of raw materials as well as skilled labour in the region. Nowadays, the development of modern [...]

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Roof Repair, How Does it Work?

There are a few home repairs such as leaking roofs, leaking water pipes or electrical faults that should not be delayed. These have to be attended to as soon as you discover them because they tend to cause more damage over time, both physically and financially, if neglected. A leaking water pipe, for example, can [...]

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Installing a Colorbond roof

Colorbond roofing has revolutionised the roofing industry. It doesn’t seem that long ago that metal or Colorbond roofs were considered budget materials that were used on commercial or industrial properties and sheds. Today Colorbond roofs are corrosion resistant, relatively inexpensive and they come in a range of stylish colours. Since it was first introduced Colorbond [...]

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The advantages offered by metal roofing

Whether you’re building a house from scratch or seeking quality roof replacement in Sydney, metal roofing should be one of your options. You want top notch, thoroughly tested, Australian products, like Colorbond and Zincalume, which have been in use for more than half a century. They’re environmentally friendly and fully recyclable. Why these brands in [...]

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Times When You Need to Call A Roof Plumber

When it comes to issues with your roof you often don’t at first think of calling a *plumber*. What is a roof plumber? Roof plumbing is also called storm water plumbing and it refers to any work that involves roof repairs – flashing or covering, any connections to storm water pipes and rain water tanks, [...]

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