Some Roof Drainage Considerations

The phrase 'keeping a roof over your head' is often used metaphorically. It's about ensuring that you have shelter - a safe, warm place to call home. But on a literal level, the phrase rings true as well. Without efficient roof maintenance, you and your family are exposed to excessive sunlight, rain, wind, and possibly [...]

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To Repair Your Roof Or Replace?

Having trouble with your roof? It may not be something you’ve given much active thought towards. After all, as much as a roof is arguably the most important part of the house, it’s something we all take for granted. We may worry about finding a place to live while we’re house-hunting, but once we have [...]

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A Qualified Roof Plumber is Important

When installing a roof on a new home or doing re-roofing on your current structure, there are few roads that you can go down. While you may have heard of roofing professionals, have you heard of roof plumbing? Roof plumbers are the qualified professionals that the water flows correctly off your roof, down to the [...]

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Signs Your Roof Should be Replaced

When it comes to home renovations, replacing your roof probably isn’t something that you would think about very often. But that isn’t to say that it shouldn't be on the list at some point in time. Unless your roof is actually leaking when it rains or is showing obvious signs of rust or disrepair, you [...]

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Signs Your Roof Needs Repair Work

Without a doubt, your roof is the most important part of your home, so a leaking or worn out roof risk everything that’s below it. The best thing to do is to get an inspection done – without having your roof looked at by a professional means that you really don’t know what is going [...]

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Mould and Roof Leaks

We often get asked to look at mould problems, particularly toward the end of winter. Mould will grow when the ceiling or wall is damp from condensation or a roof leak and stays damp for a period of a few days or more. In Sydney we had a very wet week back in July. South [...]

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Cockatoos Destroy Roof

Yesterday I was called out to look at a roof in Balmain. The neighbours had been complaining that parts of it were landing in their property! On investigation I found that the rear part of the house had been renovated and an imitation type slate material had been used for the roof. It was quite [...]

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Who to choose to fix your roof?

Re-roofing, roof restoration or repairs to your roof can be costly is you don't get the right person. Remember, you are the customer so you can ask as many questions as you need. Make sure that you understand what is involved any roofing works needed - get your questions answered! It is your decision and [...]

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Don’t ignore the leak…

The number of people requesting a Free Quote over the last few days has "gone through the roof".  We are working to get to each one but there maybe a little delay. Often a roof will seem to be leaking, when actually it is the run off from an over full gutter backing up into the [...]

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New Roof…

We finished this roof replacement a couple of weeks ago! It may only take a few days to completely change your roof, but as you can see, the result is something that will last (and last and last...)  If you need expertise roofing services you can contact All Roofing Services today.

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