The selection of quality roofing material is the first step towards protecting your family from the natural environment of Australia. While there are many formidable roofing materials in use in the construction industry, not many can match up to the revolutionary Colorbond® steel roofing. Colorbond steel is quickly becoming the material of choice for several new builds and roof replacements all over the country. This article highlights some of the reasons behind the popularity of this roofing material.

1. Locally Manufactured

There are several advantages of using locally manufactured materials in your construction. Colorbond Steel is a product of the Australian BlueScope Steel Company and has been in production since 1966. Using local suppliers assures you of product availability and the added reliability of having direct access to your manufacturer. Moreover, you can enjoy the privilege of supporting your local industry and building the Aussie economy.

2. Versatility

Colorbond steel is a flexible yet durable material that can be fashioned into a wide variety of designs. This roofing material makes it possible to build sturdy structures with large open flowing spaces without obstructive columns.

The combination of strength and adaptability to complex shapes enables contractors to construct bespoke architectural designs easily. With colorbond roofs steel, you are free to make any roof design you desire.

3. Lightweight

The lightweight colorbond roofing panels are easy to transport and install. With low weight per square foot, it is easy to stack several panels in a truck for delivery to your site.

4. Eco-Friendly

Colorbond roofing is environmentally friendly for several reasons. The material is 100% recyclable. Moreover, a well-installed colurbond steel roof has excellent insulation properties. By keeping your house warm in cold months and cool in the summer, colorbond roofs can help you reduce your bills and carbon footprint of your home.

Additionally, the steel has good water wicking characteristics, and it is suitable for rainwater harvesting even with low gradient roof designs.

5. Maintenance Free

Colorbond steel roofs are made through a process that bonds paint to a galvanised steel base or Zincalume® steel. The process involves baking a specially developed lead-free paint onto the steel panels and improving their resistance to cracking, peeling and other forms of damage. With this treatment, the colorbond steel roofing can withstand harsh weather conditions without losing its quality for 10 to 25 years. Other metal roofs require frequent recoating to maintain their lustre.

There are several other benefits of using Colorbond roofs in Sydney, including aesthetics, colour variety and compliance to regional standards as well as attractive warranties. The quality of your roof is also highly dependent on the professionalism of your roofing company. After settling on the material, you should put a lot of attention to choosing a reliable roofing company. All Roofing Services are known for their professionalism and quality based on client testimonials and a proven track record.


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