One of the things we get calls for regularly is overflowing gutters. Sydney experiences extremely heavy rain from time to time, and unless you have well-installed and clear gutters, they will overflow. Sometimes this isn’t a big problem, but sometimes it is!

Before and after shot of gutter cleaning.

Left for too long, overflowing or leaking gutters can cause timber to rot and even cause foundations to move. Excess moisture around the house or in the walls can also lead to mould growth.

There can be many causes for leaking or overflowing gutters. Some of the usual causes are:

  • Not enough downpipes.
  • Gutter blocked with leaves.
  • Drainage points or downpipes blocked with leaves.
  • Gutter too small for roof catchment area.

Box Gutters

Guttering and downpipe.

These can cause the biggest issues. are the worst offenders. Box gutters are called box gutters as they are “boxed in”. In other words – unless they have been installed with sufficient overflow capacity (and into a suitable place) when a box gutter overflows, it nearly always causes damage to the inside of your home or premises.

There are many different sizes and shapes of box gutter. They need to be fabricated and installed with care to ensure they will work for a long time.

Eaves Gutters

An eave gutter.

There are many different types of eaves gutters. In theory, as they are on the outside edge of your roof, they should not cause as much damage as a box gutter when they overflow. However, if they have not been installed correctly, they can also cause significant damage as the water can get into the eave or into the wall. Sometimes this shows up as rising damp or even causes problems with the foundations of the home.

At All Roofing Services we take a lot of care in our guttering, and whilst we are not hydraulic engineers, we can advise you from knowledge and experience on what will work and what will not. There are many different solutions to guttering problems including: more downpipes, larger gutters, specially designed flashings, overflow outlets, correct fall on the gutter, gutter guard, sumps and rainwater heads. There is nearly always a solution to an overflowing gutter problem.

Some of the common ones are caked Quad, Ogee, and half-round, but there are several others “of the shelf” type eaves gutters readily available.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is an essential maintenance job for any homeowner or building owner. The more trees around, the more frequently it will need to be done.

It’s not a very technical job, but it can be dirty and hot, and if you’re not trained in working at heights, it’s actually one of the most dangerous jobs you could do. 1600 people per year are hospitalised in Australia due to falls from ladders.

All Roofing Services provides gutter cleaning on houses and commercial buildings on either a one-off basis or on a routine maintenance basis. We can advise and recommend frequency of gutter cleaning.

Having seen many problems with gutters in Sydney, we are very experienced at selecting the best solution for you, whether it is regular gutter cleaning or determining which rainwater products to use and how to install them correctly in the first place. If you have a problem with your gutters, then contact us now for a free quote!