Value is not just determined by the price. One could buy a cheap drill, which may seem like good value, but if it stopped working suddenly for no good reason, how much value is that tool? It has zero value at that time.

Roofing is really the same, but perhaps a little more complex as there are quite a few variables that make up the value of one contractor verses another. The things that need to be considered include:

  • Scope and detail of the quote
  • Reviews/referrals/testimonials
  • Experience and skill
  • Attitude, trustworthiness, communication and friendliness.
  • Does the contractor hold the correct license(s), insurances and does their ABN match their name?

The relative importance of these things varies from person to person, so what makes a thing good value in the end comes down to one’s own judgement. However, there are a couple of items above that may mean the quote you have received effectively has no value. For example, the contractor is unlicensed, or the quote is very brief and does not give sufficient detail = no value.

If one was to proceed with a “cheap” quote, it might work most of the time, but like the cheap drill, if it fails when you really need it, what value does it have? And what good is the warranty? Do you really want another cheap and unreliable drill or a roof that might leak again?

I don’t think so.

Any product or service that doesn’t work when you really need it too, has a very low value. You’ll find good tradesmen will spend money on good tools for this very reason. You can’t even compare the price of a cheap drill to a good drill as it’s actually not comparable. One performs what is needed, the other might, but there’s too much chance it won’t.

Trades are very similar. Beware the tradesman that doesn’t tick all the boxes or seems very cheap. They might be terrible value!


I thoroughly recommend Julian and the team from All Roofing Services. They recently completed the re-roofing of our heritage-listed cottage and we were more than happy with the result and the process. Their communication was excellent at all times, everyone turned up when they said they would (crazy to have to mention that, but it seems so rare these days!), their work was very professional and nothing was ever a problem. I particularly appreciated the care they took of my garden during the work. They took the worry out of what initially seemed like a big scary project to us, and that’s priceless.

N.A. Gladesville

Adam and his team did a very good job of replacing our old tiled roof with Colorbond. The work was performed on time and our roof now looks very good. Adam and his team were friendly and communicated well. We recommend this business.

D.P. Northbridge

We were very happy with the work completed by Matthew, and we have recommended you to our daughter who needs a quote for her roof. Many thanks.

G.N. Leichhardt