A good roof goes a long way to protecting the underlying structure of a building from the elements. It pays to keep an eye on it and catch and repair leaks and any signs of potential deterioration. Sometimes however,a roof has deteriorated significantly and there are an accumulation of problems.

The costs of handling each repair individually may be significant, and there may be damage to some lower structure that needs repairing by removing the roof. At this point you need to make the call to have the place re-roofed as it may be a cheaper solution in the long run.

It can be tricky to make this decision, especially without a good inspection of parts that are harder to see, and a knowledge of what to look for. If you’d like us to evaluate your particular situation and suggest what should be done, please contact us.

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Types of roofs

We specialise in metal roofs, and for Sydney, and much of Australia in general, these types of roofs have proven to be very successful. If an existing roof is shingle or tile, this doesn’t prevent the replacement from from being a metal one.

Of course, a building can be re-roofed with exactly the same materials and in the same style as it was before.

Costs vary and depend on the size of the roof to be re-done, the material, the number of different corners and angles, and any work needing to be done to the supporting structure, which is another good reason to get an inspection and a custom-solution and quote.

Improving on before

If re-roofing is decided on, it’s a good opportunity to do a better job than on the previous roof. If it’s a dark house, a skylight could go in. Handle any ventilation problems with the house or get more modern and better insulation


As with any construction, it’s good to cover all bases in case something unexpected comes up that requires further correction, more work and money. All Roofing Services is fully insured and there is no risk involved with any job we do. More importantly, we do our own quality control and respond and handle anything that’s not quite right in a fast, professional manner.

Inspections and Quotes

There’s no risk or commitment in receiving a quote or roof inspection,
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