All Roofing Services specialises in metal roof replacements on Sydney homes. We can change just about any roof into a new Colorbond or Zincalume roof. Most of our work is domestic re-roofs, but we also do industrial and commercial roof replacements too.

ARS has come to specialise in inner-west roof replacements through years of experience. The inner-west of Sydney is a unique place for roofing. Access is often difficult with small lanes (or no lane at all!), the roofs can be steep and high making them dangerous for in-experienced roofers and most homes will usually have at least one extension – which can often be a little unusual in the roofing department! In short – very few roof replacement jobs are the same in the inner west and can often have a few challenges which the inexperienced roofer will struggle with. We have seen new roofs that were probably worse than the one that was replaced – so don’t make the mistake of working out which quote to go with based only on price. Make sure the roofing contractor knows what he is doing. (Asking for local references is one good way to check.)

You also need to check what kind of material has been quoted for. There are more and more imported materials these days and whist most of it is probably meets Australian Standards – buying Australian made Colorbond or Zincalume for your new roof is the best way to go. Zincalume comes with a Manufacturer’s warranty of 20 years – and Colorbond is 25 years. These are tried, tested and proven materials for Australian conditions – and they look great!

The following is the usual process of how an ARS roof replacement is achieved on a typical Sydney home:

  • The first step is to call or fill out our quote request form.
  • Then an ARS estimator will organize a time that suits you to inspect the roof and access. They also find out from you exactly what look and function you are hoping to achieve and can help you choose colours, features and components such ventilation, skylights and insulation.
  • You will then receive a written quotation within 48hrs.
  • If you are happy with that and wish to proceed, just sign the bottom of the quote and post, fax or email that back to the office and you will be contacted within 24hrs to schedule the works.
  • Our usual lead time (time before actually starting works) is 2-3 weeks. Sometimes we get held up and it can stretch to 4 weeks and sometimes if you really need it done quickly, we can start within a week of receiving the signed copy of the quotation.
  • The work itself will only take 1-7 days depending on many different factors such as pitch, access, size, height, etc. But we will let you know exactly how long it will take before we start. We pride ourselves on providing better service than you would expect. That means we are on time, we complete the work when we said we would and there is no extra or hidden costs. Then only variable in our well organised company is the weather!

The typical sequence of the actual works is:

  1. The site is set-up to provide safe access and working.
  2. Materials are delivered and put in a suitable place.
  3. The old roofing is removed.
  4. New battens are fixed into position
  5. Insulation is installed
  6. New sheeting is installed
  7. Flashings to suit the roof are installed
  8. Gutters and downpipes are installed
  9. Any additional components such as skylights or vents are installed
  10. The roof and whole site is completely cleaned up of any rubbish or left over materials.
  • If the work will take longer than one day the roof is always left watertight overnight and any materials not yet installed are put out of the way and secured. Rubbish is cleaned up at the end of each day.

Don’t let that leaking roof do anymore damage to your home. Call or email us now and get a free quote to get it fixed once and for all!

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