The most important first step for caring for your metal roofing and gutters this winter is to have your roof inspected before winter sets in. You should have your metal roofing inspected at least twice a year, and, following any severe weather or storms. This will help to locate and deal with any issues with your roof that could pose a threat later on, or even compromise the integrity of your roof. With any repairs and improvements made, you know your roof is ready to handle whatever the winter weather dishes out.

Metal roofs and gutters can always do with a little TLC in winter, it’s the best way to ensure your roof stays it’s best for many years to come.

  • Keep your gutters clean, just as with any type of roofing maintaining your gutters regularly is important when it comes to your roof and gutters being able to drain water properly. Year around contact with dirt build up and wet leaves can damage your roof or gutters. Winter is a great time to clean your gutters as all the leaves have fallen, so once clean there is little chance of them getting clogged with leaves during winter.
  • Trim any trees and branches. While metal roofing is extremely tough, it can still be damaged by impact from branches. By keeping your trees trimmed and away from your roof you’ll also help keep your gutters clean.
  • Brush away any debris. With it’s smoother finish, metal roofs tend to *shed* debris better than other styles of roof, depending upon the pitch of the roof. However metal roofs can differ in the types and shapes of metal sheets and how they are fastened together, so it can be in these areas where branches or debris can become *stuck*. Use a brush to sweep debris off or try and loosen it with a hose. Do NOT stand on the roof yourself, hire a professional to do any regular roof cleaning for you.
  • Metal roofing is very energy efficient and adding insulation and ensuring proper ventilation will keep your home comfortable whatever the season. Have a professional roofer come take a look to ensure it is still properly venting and there are no issues on the underside of your roof.

Metal roofs have been designed to last for decades and offer the home owner good value for their money, all you need to do is give your roof some simple maintenance and care and you’ll be paid back by a roof that will protect your home for years to come. Never attempt to do any maintenance on the roof yourself, always call in a professional. Don’t climb on or around your roof, before, during or after a storm, if you think there is a problem, call the SES for help, or alternatively if you can wait a few days call your local roof repair business and arrange a call out to discuss your problem.

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