What you should know about Colorbond roofing

Metal roofs, and, in particular Colorbond roofs are fast becoming the preferred roofing material for homes. Colorbond roofs are sturdy, thermally insulated, lightweight and very resilient. If you are building a new home, or having your current roof replaced Colorbond roofing has a range of benefits. Colorbond is a steel roofing material that has been coated, it’s long lasting and can stand up to the varying Australian weather conditions, it makes your home look good. Compared to tiles Colorbond roofing is strong, yet lightweight, it’s termite resistant, is non-combustible, and is resistant to chipping, peeling, cracking and corrosion. Being a lightweight product there is no structural weight gain when installing Colorbond roofing. In fact, in older houses, it relieves a great deal of weight off the structure. With Colorbond, the colour is bonded to the metal, it’s sturdy and requires minimal maintenance, it doesn’t need painting and being tough, it doesn’t crack or leak. Colourbond roofing just doesn’t make your home look good, it comes in a range of different shades and colours, so you can pick the colour that suits your home best and it can be installed practically straight away. The roof sheeting is also available in different profiles to suit the design of your home perfectly. Being a thermally efficient material, it will insulate your home all year round, it radiates less heat and it cools down faster than tiles do of a night, especially if you choose lighter colours. Colorbond roofing is easy to install, but it is important that it is installed correctly, with correct laps and flashing to ensure that the rainwater will flow [...]