Roof maintenance tips

Metal roofing will last for the life-time of your home around 60 years. Unlike tile roofs that require re-roofing every 10-20 years, a metal roof won’t disintegrate, crack, peel or fade. Metal roofs require less maintenance because they are built to withstand extreme weather conditions. To keep your metal roofing in tip-top condition there are three simple rules to follow for stress free maintenance. The best and safest way to keep your metal roofing looking good is to ask a professional to do it for you. Have regular inspections – treat your roof to a regular, once a year inspection. You can regularly check that your gutters are free from debris and leaves that can clog your downpipes and gutters. A lack of proper drainage is a big problem in roofs, even metal ones as it leads to pooling of water in gutters and inclines – usually due to incorrect installation in the first place. As well as blockages your professional roof technician will look at other areas including – Weather damage and sealant failures – most sealants last about 20 years before they need to be replaced, your technician can look at your sealants and quote to replace them if necessary. Exposed fasteners – if there are any exposed fasteners they should be looked at regularly and if split, cut or loose be replaced. Seam separation – while metal roofs are durable they still shrink and expand over time, while this is natural it can cause seam separation which can create a build-up of water. This is usually the result of incorrect installation initially. Rust stains – metal roofs [...]