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How Often Should I Organise A Roof Inspection?

Roof maintenance is often overlooked because, unlike the rest of your house, its main components are not quite visible. The rafters, trusses, and sheathing components of your roof are usually well tucked away, hidden behind your ceiling. Many people only inspect their roofs when there is a sign of leakage inside the house. The frequency [...]

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What Are The Best Roofing Options For Suburban Homes?

One of the original reasons people built houses was to have a dry roof over their heads. In the past, the main factor that influenced the choice of one roofing material over another was the weather and the availability of raw materials as well as skilled labour in the region. Nowadays, the development of modern [...]

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The advantages of re-roofing your home

Winter is here, and it’s that time of year when home-owners and tenants are playing ‘spot the heat leak’ as they try to keep their homes warm. ARS offers free roof inspections and evaluations. If you give us a call, we’ll come over, check out the roof, and give you a free quote at no [...]

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