Tips for roof maintenance

Whether you already have metal roofing installed, or you are thinking about having one installed, you may be wondering about roof maintenance – how do you take care of it? The good news is, not only does metal roofing last up to 60 years, it also requires less upkeep than other roofs. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you need to do nothing at all. Here are tips on how to maintain or care for your metal roof Maintain your gutters regularly – most of the time rainwater will rinse away the dirt and debris that falls onto your roof, but, there will come a time when excess debris starts to trap moisture and gradually decompose, this can lead to rot which creates a good environment for mould and moss to grow. Metal roofing is designed to shed water and then dry, but if you have a lot of debris in your gutters it can stop your roof drying out. This is why it is extremely important to keep your guttering free from debris. To clean your gutters, wear a pair of gloves and a long sleeve shirt, using a ladder (properly tied off), tarp, small scoop and a soft bristle brush. Lay the tarp across the garden where you are working, use the scoop and brush to remove all debris and toss them onto the tarp below, avoid hosing your gutters as it can force water under your roofing materials causing rot. Then simply dispose of the debris in your recycling wheelie bin. Gutters should be cleaned after storms or at least twice a year. Avoid metal clashes if [...]