1.  All Roofing Services Pty Ltd (“ARS” hereafter) will perform the work in this quotation in a proper and workmanlike manner and in accordance with the plans and specifications.

2.  All materials supplied by ARS will be suitable for the purpose for which they will be used and unless otherwise stated in the quotation, those materials will be new.

3.  The work will be done with due diligence and within a reasonable time.

4.  With regards to price: the time has been estimated and in actuality may go under or over the quoted time but at no alteration to the price of this fixed quotation.

5.  ARS Contractors may not do additional work other than the approved quotation unless instructed by management and only then in accordance with an additional written and duly accepted quotation amendment or variation to the original quote.

6.  This is a fixed quotation and is not negotiable after commencement of any works.

7.  Our Guarantee:

  1. a.  All New Work* is Guaranteed for 10 Years and all Repairs** are Guaranteed for 1 year, unless otherwise stated on the quotation. (The Guarantee is in force once the work has been completed).
  2. b.  If our work should fail for any reason within that time, we guarantee to investigate and resolve the issue as quickly as possible – without charge.
  3. c.  In the event that ARS is called out to resolve a Guarantee issue that turns out to be due to a cause unrelated to our work, or damage has been caused by people other than ARS Contractors, a call-out charge of $165     (inc. GST) will be due.
  4. d.  ARS reserves the right to return monies received for works done instead of resolving the issue, if the resolution works are deemed un-viable by an ARS Estimator.

8.  The quotation excludes any latent conditions or events and also excludes anything not stated in the quotation.

9.  ARS reserves the right to withdraw from this contract prior to commencement of works.  Any deposit monies received by ARS from the client shall be refunded forthwith.

10.  Payment Terms: (Unless Otherwise agreed upon in writing by all parties), full payment is due and payable at the completion of works (i.e. C.O.D).  For works valued over $3000 (incl GST), a 10% deposit is payable upon acceptance of the quotation, for works over $6000 a further 40% payment is due and payable upon delivery of materials and the balance is due and payable at the completion of works.

*New Work is defined as:  An entire roof is installed or replaced.

**Repairs are defined as:  Any works carried out to resolve a specific problem with a roof or guttering system. Maintenance and replacing components of a roof (such as flashings or tiles) are classified as repairs.

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