Winter is here, and it’s that time of year when home-owners and tenants are playing ‘spot the heat leak’ as they try to keep their homes warm.

ARS offers free roof inspections and evaluations. If you give us a call, we’ll come over, check out the roof, and give you a free quote at no cost, with no obligation. We have fully insured experts for roof maintenance in Sydney, and they’ll give a detailed recommendation. There are times when we advise our clients to re-roof rather than fixing the hole, and here are some reasons why.

It gives your home a make-over

We prefer to use Colorbond or Zincalume for our roofing jobs. They have manufacturer’s warranties of 25 years and 20 years espectively, in addition to our quality guarantee of 10 years for workmanship. Zincalume has a glossy metallic finish, while Colorbond has a range of 22 colours, from pale Surfmist to dense Night Sky. Pick a colour that reflects your character, making your house stand out across the neighbourhood. We can even add skylights and roof ventilation.

It cuts down utility bills

Out of the 22 Colorbond shades, five are customised for high temperatures. Their reflective properties will lower your electricity bill, keeping the house or office naturally cooler on hot days. All Colorbond shades (except for Night Sky) have baked in thermal protection and reflective properties that protect your roof from ultraviolet rays, making the roof last longer

It gets rid of asbestos

You might not know the history of your home, but many older buildings are infused with asbestos, especially in the roof. This can cause all sorts of health problems, and these can be triggered when heavy winter rain causes asbestos fibres to flake, disintegrate, and float into the house. Re-roofing will remove all traces and replace it with safe, fire-proof roofing.

It raises the value of your house

Once we install a metal roof for you, the roof will require minimal maintenance and anyone who buys your home will take that into account. The fire-proof qualities of the roof can reduce your home insurance premiums and save you from the price of property damage in case of bushfires. All these factors combine to add the equity value of your home.

It offers you peace of mind

Re-roofing is a good idea in general, but re-roofing with us provides added benefits. Our process may take as little as one day depending on the size of the roof. We’ll give you a more definite estimate once we inspect your home. We always leave your roof waterproof over night during the works, so that is not something to worry about. Additionally, you don’t need to move out whilst we do the works. Our team is appropriately licensed, fully insured, super-friendly, and we clean up after ourselves every day, so we never leave a mess.

For professional re-roofing service with a ten-year service guarantee, call All Roofing Services today on 02 8086 2059.

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