Whether you’re building a house from scratch or seeking quality roof replacement in Sydney, metal roofing should be one of your options. You want top notch, thoroughly tested, Australian products, like Colorbond and Zincalume, which have been in use for more than half a century. They’re environmentally friendly and fully recyclable. Why these brands in particular? Let’s look at the reasoning behind these two choices.



Zincalume is a glossy metal roof in steely grey while Colorbond comes in nearly two dozen colours. (They are actually 22). The colour palette ranges from Classic Cream to Night Sky. Even the names of the colours are fun. They have beautiful ambient shades like Evening Haze, Surfmist, Paperbark, and Windspray. The spectrum covers matte, contemporary, and classic colouring, so there are neutrals and vibrant primary shades. Colorbond roof in particular has a high level of energy efficiency, thanks to the reflective layer in 21 of the 22 available shades. They keep the house cool during the day and warm at night, lowering your HVAC bill.



To make these metal roofs weather-appropriate, Bluescope Steel® tests them in intense weather conditions. Both Zincalume and Colourbond have multiple evaluation sites all over Australia. The roofs are laid out in simulated panels that cover over ten thousand weather patterns and conditions including industrial, tropical and marine settings. The panels have multiple layers to prevent water damage, and are UV treated to avoid sun damage. While it’s not strictly a weather feature, bush fires are common during our hotter seasons, and these roofing brands have a rating of BAL-FZ, which means your roof stays safe right inside the flames.



The additional layers of protection mean your roof hardly needs maintenance. The occasional rain shower will keep it clean, and the roof is resistant to salt, sand, and acid. There are parts of the roof, such as eaves and downpipes which should be cleaned regularly. – more often in coastal areas. The cleaning process is simple – just hose them down with high pressure plain water. No soap required. You won’t even need to scrub, sand, or repaint.



Because of the intense testing and technology, these roofs come with a manufacturer’s warranty on materials of 25 years, and a 10 year workmanship warranty from All Roofing Services. Our ARS roofers, are all trained, insured, and super friendly and take pride in doing a professional job that lasts. We do free roof inspections and will give you a comprehensive quote so you know exactly what you’re signing up for. We also do gutters, downpipes, skylights, and general roof repairs.

For high-quality roofing laid by professional roof plumbers, call All Roofing Services today on 02 8086 2059.

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