When it comes to issues with your roof you often don’t at first think of calling a *plumber*.

What is a roof plumber?

Roof plumbing is also called storm water plumbing and it refers to any work that involves roof repairs – flashing or covering, any connections to storm water pipes and rain water tanks, and any parts of the drainage system that collects and disposes of your storm water.

Anything that is associated with your roof, guttering and downpipes all comes under the title of *roof plumbing*.

When you might need to call a roof plumber

If you are building a new home, you may need to call in a roof plumber for –

  • Measurement fabrication and installation of gutters, downpipes and storm water disposal systems
  • Design and installation of a roof drainage system
  • Construction of roof flashing, ductwork joints, angled gutters and stop ends

In addition to new buildings roof plumbers are also called out for repair and maintenance work involving gutters and storm water. Gutters and down pipes have been designed to ensure rain water is properly drained away from the building and immediate surroundings. Any water that finds it’s way down the building foundation could cause a problem – including:

  • Mould and mildew issues
  • Roof leaks

Fixing roof leaks

If a roof leak isn’t caught in time it can be very expensive to fix. If the leak in your roof has been caused due to improper storm water drainage, or from a blocked gutter, your roof plumber is the person to call. Preventative roof maintenance is the best way to prevent roof leaks and associated roof repairs, it’s for this reason you should carry out regular roof and guttering maintenance.

When you are having this carried out, it’s a good time to ask them to do any minor repairs or maintenance, and then do an inspection to detect any underlying roof problems.

Roof flashing repairs

Roof flashing is used to help prevent water from entering your roof by constructing a barrier. Flashings are always used around chimneys, skylights or other roof penetrations to make them water tight. If the flashing has not been installed correctly it can cause leaks and may result in damage. Repairs to flashing leaks or the improper installation of flashings also comes under the heading of roof plumbing.

Rather than trying to do any repairs yourself, it is better to call the professionals. Call All Roofing Services on 02-8086-2059 for any roof plumbing jobs, it’s the only way to get issues repaired properly. Correct installation, regular inspections and maintenance is the only way to help prevent any roofing issues and keep your home watertight.

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