We all know the dangers of asbestos; this fibre cement sheeting was a popular building material in the 50’s and 60’s used on roofs and walls in residential and commercial buildings all over Sydney. Today these very tiny fibres can kill, and it’s for this reason ANY fibro/asbestos must be removed professionally and safely and disposed of correctly.

When a sheet of asbestos breaks, tiny fibres are released into the air, and, if breathed in they will stay in your lungs. Asbestos sheets can not be repaired as you can’t drill or cut into them, your best option is to have the sheets removed, and replaced with a new colorbond roof.

Today there are very strict guidelines when it comes to asbestos removal, with enforceable laws on how asbestos removal is handled. You want this job completed professionally, properly and under all the  WHS regulations. All Roofing Services has a good and solid reputation when it comes to the removal and disposal of old asbestos roofing materials.

The process for asbestos removal –

  • Your roof is inspected to provide the information and data we need to remove your old roof.
  • An application is sent into Work Cover notifying them of the roof to be removed, when the notification is approved, we then notify all the relevant parties in writing of the date the asbestos roof is to be removed in their area.
  • All Asbestos Removal Control Plans and Safe Work Method Statements are prepared to ensure that all WHS requirements are met, ensuring the safe removal of the asbestos.
  • On the day the asbestos removal is to take place, no one can be on the property.
  • When the team arrives, along with the asbestos bins/trucks for removal, all warning signs, barriers and temporary fencing is put in place. They don their protective clothing and work begins.
  • The asbestos sheets are sprayed down with a PVA/Water solution to stop any loose fibres.
  • Once the asbestos sheets are removed, they are double wrapped in 200mu black plastic or placed in bins or trucks that have been lined with these plastic sheets.
  • With the asbestos removed all frame work is wet wiped ensuring no particles remain.
  • A qualified inspector inspects the site and a Clearance Certificate is granted. The asbestos waste is then transported to an approved facility – all tracked by GPS ensuring it reaches its destination.

We are trusted by businesses thanks to our reputation and attention to detail and to the law. All our specialists are trained in the safe removal of asbestos, and we are licensed by WorkCover to remove sheeting and associated flashings, downpipes and gutters. We follow rules to ensure your safety and that of our workers.

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