Owned and operated by Julian Dirou, All Roofing Services is your local roofing contractor whose goal is and always has been to make your new roof last for as long as possible, and that the job is completed on time AND on budget

Julian is a licenced metal roof plumber with years of experience who believes in the adage of doing things correctly the first time, while never compromising on quality and without taking any shortcuts. Fully licensed and insured, All Roofing Services is located in Sydney’s Inner-West and while the team at ARS service the whole Sydney metropolitan area, they concentrate on customers and businesses located in Sydney’s inner-west.

At All Roofing Services, we specialise in replacing residential and commercial roofs with Colourbond (or Zincalume) roofs. From residential homes to shops, warehouses, factories and awnings the team at ARS do roof repairs and restorations for residential, commercial and industrial roofs.

Our team of friendly and experienced roof repair teams can tackle any job, while we are only a small business we pride ourselves on offering the personal touch to any client large or small. Julian is still involved in each and every job as he wants to ensure you get the very best roof restoration or repair, he wants you to have the job done properly.

A roof is there to protect your family or your staff and business and if there is anything wrong with it you need to have a roof specialist inspect the problem, or your roof and provide you with a detailed quote, what needs to be done and how it is going to be fixed. With years of experience behind our team, we take pride in providing you with a high-quality roof that has been built to last. From replacing your whole roof to just making a repair we are here to ensure you get the best possible job for your money.

We have experience in roofing repairs, maintenance and replacement of commercial properties needing assistance, we have worked on shops, factories, schools, hotels and warehouses. If you have a large roof that is leaking – you need to have it looked at for the safety of your staff, equipment or stock that’s why we send our best and most experienced roofers to have a look.

Whether your commercial property needs a full roof replacement, including safety wire, an urgent repair or a regularly scheduled gutter cleaning or roof maintenance, All Roofing Services are the ones you call.

  • Make the call and book an appointment
  • We will provide a report outlining work needed, and our recommendations in the form of a quote
  • Once the quote is accepted we work with you ensuring minimal disruption
  • We meet all WHS requirements
  • Once work is completed, we can recommend whether regular maintenance or service calls are required

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